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1. Why do I need to clean my solar panels?

To ensure the optimal performance of your system, Dust and air pollution, bird droppings etc.  All contribute to sub optimal performance.

2. Will the rain will wash my panels clean.

I like to use the example of a car windshield to answer this question,

Imaging not washing your car window for a year, pretty nasty right.

Now imaging the first rain of the year falling on your windshield, I am betting you can’t see anything.

By this time you have switched on the wiper blades to maximum speed to try and see through the window!

The exact same thing is happening to your solar panels, Think of us as your window wipers.

3. How often do I need to clean my panels?

It largely depends on the area, In really dusty areas like solar farms etc at least every 3 months.

In clear air areas once a year will be sufficient.

4. Can I use my garden hose to rinse of the panels?

Yes you can although the minerals in the water will leave your panels with streaks and water spots resulting in shade spots forming and thereby reducing the performance.

If you have only a few panels and you can SAFELY reach them you can take a soft brush and some diluted window cleaner and agitate the dirt and then rinse.


The number 1 cause of domestic accidents in America is injury relating to roof and ladder accidents.

5. How much do you charge for quotations?

Residential clients can take a clear photograph of their solar panels and send a Watts App message to us for and instant free cost estimate. Should the panels be out view from the ground we can do a site visit for a small fee. Should the quote be accepted we will deduct the quotation fee.

Commercial Clients are welcome to contact us for a site survey.

6. Do you offer contract cleaning?

Yes we do offer cleaning contracts, this is the hassle-free economical option. You chose the frequency of the service.

You sign a debit order with us and we will automatically put your property on a rotational cleaning roster depending on the cycle you choose.