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Utilizing new technology imported from the UK we can work more efficiently, faster and safer.

The concept that we use is based on a water purification system that eliminates the need for harmful chemicals.

Thus we only make use of water on site which we purify together with low pressure agitator brushes and telescopic water fed poles.

Solar panels may not be cleaned with high pressure washers or harsh chemicals.

High pressure washers can damage the solar panels by causing minute hairline fractures in the glass.

Abrasive chemicals leave scratch marks on the surface which leads to sub optimal performance of you panels.

Why pure water is the better cleaning choice

Environmentally friendly, we care about our precious water resources and believe that every litre counts.

We therefore use an complex filter system which attract and traps dissolved solids and mineral deposits in the water to leave only 100% pure water which we utilise to wash down the panels.

The water molecules are then positively charged in the filter, much the same as a magnet, to attract the dirt on the panels which is negatively charged. All the dirt adheres to the water molecules and gets rinsed of.

We use very little water, due to the low pressure nature of the filter system we only use about 10l/h of water per hose.

No Electricity needed

The traditional method of cleaning outside windows and solar panels involved chemicals to do the cleaning, the chemicals is then washed down with the rinse water usually into a nearby drain or in the surrounding gardens with the unintended result of water and soil pollution resulting.

In Summary

Clean Solar panels makes financial and practical sense.

The financial investment made in a solar energy system is a sizeable investment and needs to function at 100% of its capacity to generate power and a proper return on investment.

Dirty panels can easily be 15-30% less effective in generating power due to the sun rays not being able to penetrate fully into the panel much in the same way as dirty windows will block the view.

If the system loses 20% of its generating capacity due to dirty panels it means you are getting 20% less power and 20% less return on your investment.

Regular cleaning of your solar panels will also extend the service life of the panels contributing even more value to your investment.

Clear Solar Cleaning are proud KSOLARA Distributors in SA.

KSOLARA offer the best solar panel cleaning equipment, designed and built for a professional use.

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